Working Capital Solutions

Having a healthy working capital position is key to your company’s financial position and stability. You are looking to reduce your need for working capital, reduce costs and improve your financial supply chain. ING’s Working Capital Solutions are well equipped to help you tackle these issues and improve both sides of your balance sheet by applying one or more of our three working capital programmes.


We understand that financing the growth of your business can be a challenge. Providing working capital quickly is essential in order to maintain sales momentum and to grow your business with confidence. Accounts receivable financing (factoring) is a quick and reliable way to improve your cash flow. Establishing a relationship with an experienced and flexible wholesale bank lender is probably the safest factor for any industry. When it comes to factoring, purchase financing and stock financing, ING is a market leader. For over 40 years, we have helped companies to raise working capital by financing their receivables, inventory and purchase orders.

So, if your business is concerned with adding fixed costs, slow turnover of receivables, seasonal, challenged by lengthy manufacturing cycles, or simply undercapitalised, you can benefit from ING’s factoring services. We can offer you the broadest range of factoring solutions to improve cash flow, control cost, and give your businesses a competitive edge without overburdening your budget. Contact our professionals and let us show you how we can help.

• Market leader in factoring, purchase financing and stock financing
• Over 40 years of experience
• Maintain your sales momentum and ensure growth

Trade receivables purchase program

Operating in the dynamic import and export business is full of financial and regulatory hurdles. Whether a financial institution, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), or a large corporate, you will likely need specialised assistance to navigate the ins and outs of your international trade transactions. ING Wholesale Banking’s vast global network and specialised consultants will assist you with financing, settling, and mitigating any number of risks you may encounter in this business.

We have a specific focus on our clients’ individual needs, which allows you to rely on the expertise of a renowned and trusted bank as your financial partner. Take the opportunity to benefit directly from our proven experience and financial expertise by letting us know how we can help you.

• High quality solutions to global clients
• Advising and confirming letters of credit
• Specialised teams advising on structuring transactions

Supply chain finance

Aiming to improve your supply chain is important to any business. ING Wholesale Banking (WB)’s Supply Chain Finance (SCF) team can assist companies in improving the financial efficiency of their supply chains by reducing the working capital of both buyers and suppliers. In addition, SCF provides management with a new holistic view on their business by improving the alignment between Finance and Procurement functions.

SCF is the smart option for companies wishing to diversify funding sources as well as enrich and solidify the relationships they have with their trade partners. ING Wholesale Banking (WB) delivers value through an intelligent combination of outgoing payment services and web-based technology – connecting all trade partners onto one single web-based platform. The advantages of this include:

• Transparent trade receivables/payables statuses
• Automatic payments and faster funding
• Customised support for efficient rollouts
• Broad global network to support the supplier onboarding
• Robust SCF legal structure based on best practices
• Avoidance of any negative impact for both buyer and suppliers

Through SCF, ING WB will help bring down the total costs in the supply chain and improve your company’s working capital. Our experts will provide your organisation with guidelines on how to accelerate collaboration between finance, purchasing, sales and trade partners, in order to build a healthy supply chain. Contact us and let us help optimise your business needs.

• Instant liquidity to supply chain, helping buyers and suppliers to improve working capital
• Optimisation of the P2P processes, positively impacting working capital and supply chain stability
• Intelligent combination of outgoing payment services and web-based technology with transparency for all involved
• Web-based portal for suppliers and buyers with reconciliation features and full electronic trading of invoices
• Efficient global payment capabilities attached to the SCF services
• Global network to support the supplier onboarding activities
• Domestic teams who can provide your suppliers with support in their own language