Structured Export Finance

As an investor or exporter to emerging markets, one can encounter an array of financial, commercial and political risks every day. ING Wholesale Banking is familiar with these risks and can provide tailored advice and financial solutions for your company and its foreign customers, or for your investments abroad. We particularly excels in structuring export finance in countries where long-term borrowing without risk mitigation may be difficult or costly and where projects involve exports and/or investments from multiple countries. Let our structured export finance team assist your company mitigate the numerous risks you have to deal with.

The ING WB structured export finance team has a deep understanding of and experience in arranging risk cover from export credit agencies (ECAs) of the most important exporting countries. All export credit agencies we work with are members of the Berne Union, which is the leading association for export credit and investment insurance worldwide. Members of this union abide by the agreed guidelines and principles set down in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to stimulate cross-border cooperation and stable trade. One of our specialties is facilitating financial solutions in countries where long-term borrowing without risk mitigation is difficult or costly. Another key strength is arranging solutions for projects involving investments and/or exports from multiple countries, helped by our local expertise. This multi-sourcing ability puts us among the top in the industry. Additional features of our structured export finance product include the possibility to have full comprehensive risk insurance from well-rated private insurers.

Our team provides financial solutions to help mitigate the political and commercial risks you might face in your cross-border transactions and/or investments. We will look at your individual situation and offer a solution that fits your needs.


  • Deep understanding of and experience in arranging risk covers
  • Financial solutions when long-term borrowing without risk mitigation is costly or difficult
  • Multi-sourcing ability
  • Excellent relationships with the most important ECAs and Private Risk Insurers around the world