Debt Capital Markets

As a financial institution or large corporate looking for funding solutions and to increase capital, debt capital markets are an option. Using its vast international presence and network, ING Wholesale Banking can leverage its global knowledge of the financial and debt markets to prudently advise your institution on the most suitable financing options to efficiently and wisely increase your liquidity.

We provides a full range of debt financing services. We have competitive access to targeted investor bases in the various countries where we operate. Our international network of local sales desks, with their expertise and capacity for investment, allow us to add real value to, and ensure perfect execution of, all transactions that we lead. We have dedicated teams for investment grade, emerging markets and high yield issuers that serve the full range of investor segments, such as institutional, private banking, regional financial institutions and retail. In the Eurobond market, we can add stability in new issue books via the additional coverage of medium-sized pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds and private banking accounts. Additionally, our dedicated local teams have strong expertise of other markets such as the US private placements and Philippine peso local market.


Our teams possess detailed knowledge and have the required experience to advise you on the right solution, however complex the situation might be. After we analyse your company’s funding requirements, we will customise a debt issue to fit your specific needs.


  • Full range of debt financing services
  • Adding value to all transactions we lead
  • Dedicated teams – investment grade, emerging markets, high yield
  • Customised solutions to fit any situation